About Us

Jenny Petzel-Brown

I have enjoyed the whole process of Driftwood Art since 2002. It's amazing and unbelievable what hard wood can look like when it has been scraped, sanded, designed and polished. When looking for that unique piece of knotty wood at the beach, by a lake or river or in the woods ... you will be excited to find that one that will totally inspire you.

Jan Petzel

Having lived in the Great Northwest for more than half my life, I really appreciate the bounty of our majestic trees. Obtaining that perfect piece of aged and weathered wood is the greatest pleasure in the process of Driftwood Art. I have developed my own twist on Nature’s Art by identifying the strong lines and putting movement into the design of the wood. I have been a member of the Northwest Driftwood Artist since 2002 and have won several awards. I enjoy sharing my love of the wood with fellow artist and remind them that above all, the beauty of the tree will continue to be enjoyed.

Chadd Hass

I have been carving on wood for quite some time, but for the last few years I have enjoyed the whole process of Driftwood Art. This art form is quite unique and no two sculpture are alike. I enjoy working on many different types of wood and travel to lots of different places in pursuit of finding the perfect piece. I begin with weathered wood gathered form rivers, mountains , forests, beaches or even a backyard. Driftwood artists clean away decay to reveal the wood’s beautiful grain and some shaping may be done to give the piece its most artistic form. After meticulous cleaning and sanding, the wood is burnished and hand rubbed with natural oil and beeswax which gives the sculpture a lovely luster.